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Selected projects  for 'Uppdrag Psykisk Hälsa'.


Uppdrag Psykisk Hälsa (Mission Mental Health) is a project funded by Socialstyrelsen and housed by Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner. Its primary purpose is to promote and improve mental health nationally for all age groups. Due to the vast target audience, the project focuses on developing methods, establishing collaborations, and spreading information to reach as many people as possible.  





Mötescirkeln is both digital and a printed tool designed to help structure meetings. At first it was tailored for a specific type of meeting (SIP - helping to establish and coordinate a network of support for people in need), but has since been adopted by organisations working with similar processes. 

Mötescirkeln graphic design meeting
Mötescirkeln graphic design meeting
Mötescirkeln graphic design meeting

Nyanlända - information campaign

This campaign was launched in 2015, intended to gather and publicize information concerning mental health of newly arrived immigrants. It also included a poster printed in several languages to help navigate the Swedish health care system. 

cover design "mental health" health Sweden
cover design "mental health" health Sweden
pictorgam design "mental health" health Sweden
poster design "mental health" health Sweden

Psykisk Hälsa Huset

Every year people from all over Sweden travel to Gotland, a picturesque Swedish island, for one of the nation's biggest political events. In 2017, Uppdrag Psykisk Hälsa launched a conceptual meeting place where people could come to discuss and learn about a mental health. The result was 'The Mental Health House' (translated), which was advertised both in print and digitally.


In collaboration with Studio Annalog

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