"Eternia Energy" billlboard future "solar power"

Digital rendering of billboard - Eternia Energy.


Eternia Energy is a solar power enterprise with the goal of becoming the largest supplier of renewable energy in Sweden. In line with renewable energy itself, Eternia's visual identity aims to abandon the idea of business as usual. The company sets out to be bold, conscientious, and colourful in order to lead the way into the future of energy.  

"Eternia Energy" logotype colour variations

Logotype colour variations.


Cover design

"Eternia Energy" "graphic manual" cover "solar power"

Cover of graphic manual with conceptual image - the spectrum of light.

"Eternia Energy" "annual report" future "solar power"

Annual reports - 2020 & 2021

"Eternia energy" website

Landing page - eterniaenergy.se


Graphic manual

Selected pages.

"Eternia energy" "graphic manual" content
"Eternia energy" "graphic manual" logotype
"Eternia energy" "graphic manual" colour
"Eternia energy" "graphic manual" applications


Brand photography - selected photographs from pexels.com

"Eternia energy" photography