Book design cover gangmedlem hardback

Hardback cover - 'Gängmedlem' for The Bearded Lady publishing.


Even though we're told not to, we subconsciously train ourselves to "judge a book by its cover". Using first impressions and intuition is useful when trying to navigate towards what we like in cluttered spaces.

"The night before christmas" book design cover

Book cover - 'The Night Before Christmas' for Book Group Australia



booklet design cover
DVD design cover
book design cover
book design cover

'Använd SIP' -  booklet  cover
Client: Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting 

'Första Linjen Boken' - book cover
Client: Uppdrag Psykisk Hälsa

'Out of the Blue' - DVD cover
Client: Cinematic Vision AB

Echoes - book cover*
Client: Anchor Publishing (theoretical)



Bonander design poster music
shortcuts design poster
Idejakten design poster
UPH design poster

Bonander - 'Things We Don't Talk About'
Client: Icons Creating Evil Art

Client: Adbusters (theoretical)

'Idéjakten 2012'
Client: Spira Kommunikation

Sociala Investeringar - 'Dålig belysning?'
Client: Uppdrag Psykisk Hälsa

'*Personal or educational projects